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# Products_Category Business_name Business_details VenderId Name Action Country State City Postal_Code
1OtherParvati Enterprises Tyre sales of Heavy vehicles 110013Hemant H. PirankarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Dhargal403512
2OtherSanjay Medical Chemist & Dragist Pharmacy110009Nitin Rajan KhadpeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Maharashtra Ratnagiri 415612
3OtherTanmay Photo StudioPhoto Studio Lamination Xerox110011Chandan Chandrakant ChikhalkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraChiplun415606
4OtherShree Ganesh EnterprisesXerox and Stationery 110024Hemang DoshiCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPanaji403001
5OtherElectricals GoodsElectricals Accessories110027Shree Kedarnath Electricals SawardeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraSawarde415606
6OtherShri. Ganesh Printing PressDigital Printing Aple Seva Kendra.110028Yogesh Kashiram DikeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraSawarde415606
7OtherMahalaxmi hardware and electrical storeHardware110037Lumb ShingCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
8OtherPratham CollectionBirthday Gift Items110049Sadanand AmreCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
9OtherPundlik DhargalkarFabrication110047Pundlik DhargalkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
10OtherVijayalaxmi Steel MartSteel untensils and Household Products110050Mr. Samander SinghCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403524
11OtherVijayalaxmi Sweet MartSweet Dryfruit and Cold drinks110051Mr. Samander SinghCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403524
12OtherOmKafeFood Juice and Snacks110052Mr. Kashinath Sadashiv NetkeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403527
13OtherSabaji NarojiPigmi collection110055Sabaji NarojiCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaMorjim403512
14OtherShree Mahalaxmi MedicalPharmacy110057Vaibhav Anant NevarekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Maharashtra Ratnagiri 415612
15OtherGokul sweet martGokul sweet mart110058Yogendra Rajendra KanekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraRatnagiri415612
16OtherManthan Sports & CollectionManthan Sports & Collection110059Sandesh Shivaji Kalambate Check_Vender_ProductsIndia MaharashtraRatnagiri415612
17OtherEvin skin care & Spabeauty Parlor110060ruchi satish kambleCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraRatnagiri415612
18OtherReal Tailoralso cloth shirt & pant pieces at wholesale rate110064Dasharth U RedakarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403513
19OtherSiddhi Products Lubricants Oil110067Gajanan ChariCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa BicholimLadfem Bicholim Goa 403503
20OtherHeena Fish Vendor Fresh fish sellers 110068Heena Shaikh Check_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Dhargal Donkhamb Junction Dhargal Pernem Goa 403512
21OtherK P EnterprisesChemical Supplier110071Kishor PirankarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaKaraswada403526
22OtherSwar EnterprisesHardware110072Mayur Saidas Shet SwarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
23OtherMahalaxmi Living styleFurniture110076Vrushabh ShirsatCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraSawantwadi416511
24OtherMahalaxmi steel & ElectronicsElectricals Appliances110077Pravin ShirsatCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraSawantwadi416511
25OtherDilip TalavanekarKaju feni110078Dilip TalavanekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
26OtherJain ScaleElectronic scale110080Ashok DabholkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraPune411046
27OtherShriRam Sliding worksSliding window Bathroom door etc110081Baba NaikCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
28OtherNitesh MhapsekarVehicle for rent available110082Nitesh MhapsekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
29OtherM/S Patel Sales AgenciesAll types of stationary items supply wholesale & retail Industrial & hotel supply110094Dayaram ChaudhariCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaMapusa..
30OtherSuvrna UskailkarGroundnut oil Supplier110105Suvrna UskailkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoape403512
31OtherKashinath NagvekarMotorcycle Pilot110101Kashinath NagvekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
32OtherPrabhakar GadekarMotorcycle Pilot110102Prabhakar GadekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
33OtherMohan KorgaonkarChicken Center110106Mohan KorgaonkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
34OtherYashwant PirankarTractor110107Yashwant PirankarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
35OtherBalkrishna GadekarLadies Tailor110108Balkrishna GadekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
36OtherKaloji Bar and RestaurantBar and Restaurant110109Vivek GaradCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
37OtherPremanand KambliVadapav stall110111Premanand KambliCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
38OtherRupesh Footwear Footwear stores 110114Rupesh Bhagya ChiplunkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Maharashtra Chiplun 415605
39OtherShramik Hair cutting salonsalon110120Shreedhar BadrikeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraRatnagiri415727
40OtherUday Arolkar Catering order s for Wedding Birthday party etc110122Uday ArolkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaMapusa403507
41OtherHotel Amruta Hotel110123Runal PawarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraBhor412206
42OtherSuper Hair CuttingHairCutting Saloon110126Vaseem SalmaniCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
43OtherBanita Refined SareesName : Banita Refined Sarees Saree Fabric : Georgette Blouse : Separate Blouse Piece Blouse Fabric : Dupion Silk Pattern : Striped Blouse Pattern : Same as Border Net Quantity N : Single110128Manas Ranjan Padhi Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaOdishaTitlagarh767033
44OtherMADHUSHREE TEXTILESDifferent types of Dress materials and Readymade for Men and Ladies. Cotton Linen 110133Mr. Madhukar NachareCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraAndheri East Mumbai400059
45OtherSwastik AutoAll 2 Wheeler s Retail and Wholesaler Spare Parts110245Gautam Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaMapusa403507
46OtherAnant ElectricalsSell and Repair110137Mahesh Anant SatputeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraRatnagiri415709
47OtherSiddhi Party PropsBirthday Party Items110144Anil TalavanekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaKorgao403512
48OtherSatish DhumalDecoration110145Satish DhumalCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
49OtherShri swami samarthgarment 110146Reshma Prasad KhedekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraDapoli415711
50OtherSaishraddha hair cutting salunhair cutting & Shaving110148Santosh BareCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraDapoli415711
51OtherGurukrupa Welding Works Welding Works110151Swapnil londheCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiamMaharashtraDapoli415711
52OtherSaheli Cutpis centerGarnent110154Ruksar Rafik GolandajCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraKolhpur416006
53OtherShri Gurudev Nursing Homenursing110155Madhumati CharatkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraKolhpur416010
54OtherMayekar s holsel fish seelingfish seeling110156Prakash MayekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraDapoli415712
55OtherSukai constructionall types of cunstration110161Ramchandra ShigavnCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraRatnagiri415709
56OtherEngel Sanitary NapkinSale of Sanitary Napkins110171Suvarna Bhaskarrao RajeshirkeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraKolhapur416008
57OtherVasant PirankarRed Mirchi Supplier110177Vasant PirankarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
58OtherAnusuya GadekarMirchi Seller110180Anusuya GadekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
59OtherBeena MasalaMasala spices supplier110185Ismail SaudagarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaMapusa403507
60OtherSuyog Sliding worksAll types of sliding110191Subhash Ramchandra JadhavCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraRatnagiri415712
61Otherom storeAll spair parts110194Roshan ShirgaonkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraRatnagiri415709
62OtherRiya R GosaviCatering services110198Riya R GosaviCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
63OtherYashoda PirankarVegetable Supplier110199Yashoda PirankarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
64OtherHotel SanmanHotel110201Abhay KamulkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
65OtherShri Samarth StoresFire works110214Amey PawaskarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraBanda416511
66OtherRanjana VermaFlower Seller110215Ranjana VermaCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
67OtherSadanand KubdeCloth Store110216Rajendra KubdeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraSawantwadi416511
68OtherPurkhe ElectricalsElectronics items110219Krishna PurkheCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
69OtherAstil holsel Puranpoli centerFood110224Rubina Asif KhotCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMAHARASHTRADapoli415712
70OtherAbhi online shoppingOnline shopping110226Vinod kumar PrajapatiCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMadhya PradeshNeemuch458441
71OtherM/S Harmalkar Traders Dealers in Paint 110234Mahadev HarmalkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
72OtherYashoda RedkarFood grains seller110238Yashoda RedkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
73OtherSnehal IskaikatLadies Tailor110239Snehal UskaikarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
74OtherNilesh PirankarTaxi services110241Nilesh PirankarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
75OtherSwastik AutoAll 2 Wheeler s Retail and Wholesaler Spare Parts110246Gautam Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaMapusa403507
76OtherRima Mayekar Ladies Cloth Store110248Rima MayekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
77OtherJyoti MandrekarMirchi Seller110249Jyoti MandrekarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiajyotimandrekar@gmail.comPernem403512
78OtherShree Ganesh Wholesaler & DistributorBeverages Oil & Dairy Products110254Yeshwant TandelCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoapernem403512
79OtherARPITA GARMENTGarment110258MINA SURESH LOHARCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMaharashtraKolhapur416122
80OtherShiya GavandiCoconut Seller110262Shiya GavandiCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
81OtherBomdo Govekar All types of decoration 110263Bomdo Govekar Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
82OtherVijay TeliHotel110265Vijay TeliCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
83OtherMahanand KothawaleMusic Teacher 110266Mahanand KothawaleCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
84OtherSiddhesh Satardekar Tailor110268Siddhesh Satardekar Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
85OtherNamita Naik Hotel110270Namita Naik Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
86OtherSatyaranjan MahantaCanteen110273Satyaranjan MahantaCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
87OtherSiddhi Govekar All type of dress available 110274Siddhi Govekar Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
88OtherCamilo D Souza Truck Fare 110275Camilo D Souza Check_Vender_ProductsIndiaGoaPernem403512
89OtherShri samarth foodscashew selling 110276Sanjay PateCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiaMAHARASHTRARatnagiri415712
90OtherOmkar Kavle Bar & Restaurant 110277Omkar KavleCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia GoaPernem 403512
91OtherOrbit MartDelivery Partner 110280Bhushan Shirsat Check_Vender_ProductsIndia Maharashtra Kudal416520
92OtherCookie Pareira Fish Seller 110282Cookie PareiraCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Pernem 403512
93OtherSudhakar Gawde Vada Pav Store110283Sudhakar GawdeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Pernem 403512
94OtherHair styling saloon Saloon 110284Mohammad AbbasCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Pernem 403512
95OtherSuryaji Naik Home Furnishing Gawandi 110285Suryaji Naik GawandiCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Pernem 403513
96OtherDhiranayaka Babu Scrap110286Dhiranayaka BabuCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Panaji 403005
97OtherAnil KorgaonkarPainting 110287Anil korgaonkarCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Dhargal 403512
98OtherZoya Enterprises Agarbatti wholesale 110291Aijaz AjaibCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Mapusa 403507
99OtherVidya A Kharat Agarbatti seller 110293Vidya A KharatCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Maharashtra Nashik 422101
100Other pooja saman & paurohitya110295Shashikant p khareCheck_Vender_Productsindiamaharashtradapoli415712
101OtherBhawani Footwear Footwear 110297Bhawani Check_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Mapusa 403507
102OtherParvati Stationary Electrical and othersstationary electricals and other110298Prakash Govind AmbedeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndiamaharashtrachiplun415628
103OtherPandharinath Sagare Fabrication 110299Pandharinath Sagare Check_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Mapusa 403502
104OtherSaraswati Garments Garment Store110300MuthukrishnaCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Mapusa 403507
105OtherPratap Gawde Fish Seller 110305Pratap GawdeCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Pernem 403512
106OtherJalal Fish Seller 110307JalalCheck_Vender_ProductsIndia Goa Pernem 403512

About Us

ONE INDIA has been created to empower strategy creators. How? By allowing them to automate their quant strategies and sell them to Price for Prime Membership and long Life Business opportunity over the world.

One India is a creation for empowerment of vendors and customers as well. How ? By allowing vendors to use advertising platform efficiently as per the needs of business to target the desired customers by effective way of advertising. One India is here with revolutionary ideas, possessing potential to redefine the concept of advertising.

  • Understand the user income strategy.
  • Generate Income Sourse for users.
  • Working Plate form For users.

We believe that not only the celebrities, film stars, models or icons are effective in the world of advertising, but even common man who is end user of any product , is actually directly or indirectly part of advertising world, who is till date neglected in the ongoing process of marketing and advertising.

Product Featuress


The family members of our customers at any instance approach us to convert the innovative ideas of business into reality, as we are not only bound to continue the benefits to nominee , but we obliged to assist the customer and their next generation to get settled in life with pride and dignity, by providing appropriate space in our business model.


Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic.


Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic.


24*7 support for all our users. Order Tracking and delivery,Refund,Return/Replacement,Order Cancellation,Payments,EMIs,Devdut Wallet,Discount Coupons,scratch cards,other.

One India Aim

Submit all positions at one go or enter most illiquid position first or in order of list of positions.

We are here to award financial freedom to general public by taking cognizance of their voluntary participation in the world of promotion, marketing and advertising at large. .

In due course it will be observed that the end user from the society of any product will be benefited to such an extent that the ongoing difficult financial life will definitely convert into cake walk within very very span of life, even for the layman.

Hedge Fund on a platter

Your subscriber has full control in deciding position sizing using the minimum multiple feature.

After a specified buffer period you have the option to display your historical trades publicly. This can offer non-subscribers valuable insight as to your trading style.

Imagine a subscriber is joining you midway. You can get him up to speed by recreating old positions of your strategy in his portfolio.

E-commerce Engine

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. E-commerce is in turn driven by the technological advances of the semiconductor industry, and is the largest sector of the electronics industry.

Contemporary electronic commerce can be classified into two categories. The first category is business based on types of goods sold (involves everything from ordering "digital" content for immediate online consumption, to ordering conventional goods and services, to "meta" services to facilitate other types of electronic commerce). The second category is based on the nature of the participant (B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C).[6] On the institutional level, big corporations and financial institutions use the internet to exchange financial data to facilitate domestic and international business. Data integrity and security are pressing issues for electronic commerce.

Call To Action

In the world of ONE INDIA Universal Trade trading, reports are like a torch in a dark room. Their data sheds light on where you made money, where you lost money, what you’re getting right and what needs to be fixed. With Tradetron you get a single interface, with unlimited easy-to-understand reports. Simply save them in a PDF/Excel to refer to in your own time.

More Features

E-Commerce Form

On the institutional level, big corporations and financial institutions use the internet to exchange financial data to facilitate domestic and international business. Data integrity and security are pressing issues for electronic commerce.

Live – Offline execution

Knowing which carriers to use when, wanting to minimize the manual operations behind the scenes and needing to automate processes in order to grow, are all struggles that most, if not all, retailers face both in their online and offline operations. That’s why our friends at ShipStation have put together a guide on how to navigate and evaluate the best strategies for shipping and fulfilling your ecommerce orders.

Live – Auto execution with one click confirmation

Auto Parts eCommerce store or the automotive parts ecommerce website brings in customers and gives them the information about automotive information, selling them a wider capacity in the online platform.

Live – Fully Auto

Pretty much the same as a one-click confirmation. With one major exception. Your strategy will be executed automatically without seeking any confirmation from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Query in a mind

  • MLM stands for multilevel marketing. It is a business model where the company finds an intermediary to sell their product to end consumers and the intermediaries earn the commission based on the personal sale and they also recruit new members or downlines to the business and new members, in turn, recruit another downline and it goes like a chain process. The intermediaries also earn the commission for the indirect sale happened through their recruits.

  • A good number of people started part-time MLM business when they have a full-time job in their hand. Spend one or two hours per day after your daily work to promote the business through your friends or family and it will assure you second income.

  • You can earn a good amount when any personal sale happens and you also earn a commission when any sale happens through your downline or team members. The commission rate depends upon the plan followed by the organization. It is always some percentage of the sale happened.

  • In MLM business, you can recruit new members either from family or friends by explaining about the product and the business. You can explain the benefits of the business by using the company manual, short videos etc.

  • MLM business mainly concentrates on the products which are consumable. Consumable products involve healthcare, beauty products, nutritional products etc. These type of products will be used by the customers or distributors so they come up with new order for the product.

  • As an MLM distributor, to promote the MLM products, you can keep in contact with your downlines, family, friends, etc. Keep regular meeting with your downlines to promote the MLM products, send e-mails to the customers in contact, create a social media group to promote the MLM produce, conduct a party or seminar to show your product demo and MLM presentation.



Welcome to all of you in fastest growing online earning platform. ONE INDIA is the digital platform which provides you a marvellous opportunity for your bright and safe future.

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